A Year of Search

23 million Brits visit eBay every month. With smartphones firmly in their hands, they can shop whenever they're inspired - and we can see in real-time what's driving their buying habits. From cult TV shows to health food, it's been quite a year...

Source: eBay data pulled Q2 2017



Netflix's Stranger Things prompted nostalgia with searches up 400% in July (Eggos included).

Two searches a second for air con suggests Brits are increasingly fond of it in their homes.

News reports sell. A Public Health England report on Vitamin D drove huge searches for vitamins.



Team GB cycling inspired searches for bikes on big event days - millions searched for a ride this year.

Curve fashion launched on eBay - it now represents 20% of ladies' clothing onsite.

Paw Patrol was a big breakthrough toy - with two searches a second in August.



The 100th anniversary of the birth of Roald Dahl sent searches for his books and character costumes soaring.

Speak Out was this year's most wanted game with 14 searches a second in September.



Christmas toy sales heated up in October - there were four searches a second for most wanted toy - the Hatchimal.

Vampires were popular on Halloween with fake blood being the most wanted spooky item.



Black Friday price checking began as buyers searched out a good deal.

Our love of tech continued with the year's most wanted retro gadget the Nintendo Mini NES.



Forget jewellery - trainers are our favourite 'present for me'. Searches for Adidas and Nike treads surge on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - suggesting they're the luxury that Brits buy for themselves.



The New Year health drive kicks in - this year it's food over fashion as health foods, like turmeric, spike.

The upcoming release of T2: Trainspotting leads to a new love for the original.



At the first sign of spring, Brits began their search for camping and outdoor sports gear.

World Book Day is now a firm fixture in the retail calendar - Harry Potter remains the most searched for costume around this time.



The Lego Batman film was huge - searches for Lego sets rose to four searches a second by March, a month after the film's release.

Hands-free car kit searches rise as penalties increase for texting while driving.



Early trend setters were already searching for the craze of 2017 - at its peak there were 70 searches a second for fidget spinners.

The Great Rewatch Trend - after the Line of Duty season 4 finale there was one search a minute for the previous series.



Shoppers are thinking of the beach - sales of bodyboards jumped 133% in the first week of May.

May is still a big month for movers - cardboard box sales on eBay rose by 62% in the first week of May.



Britain basked in a heat wave - and we bought paddling pools to keep cool.

Gifts for teachers are a rising trend as we thank Miss or Sir for putting up with the kids.

Monday 12th June was the most popular day for searching for a wedding guest outfit - the summer's biggest dilemma.



Roger Federer's Wimbledon victory drove searches for his merchandise - and tennis rackets.

Game of Thrones finally returns. Costume and DVD searches rose as it hit screens.